About us

Difinas AG is a young company founded in the western part of Switzerland at the beginning of 2017 by creative entrepreneurs with a substantial background in IT, start-up companies, and new technologies.

The management of Difinas AG is a group of professionals with many years of real-time IT background experience, new technologies, and management of different types of business. Together, they have gained several decades of associated experience in various Swiss and EU commercial, financial, and retail environments.

Zurich, big and strong heart of Switzerland, is the city where we started. This dynamic business and cultural centre is the place where we opened our door to the world, at the same time staying active in Zurich itself.

Various companies and organisations in Zurich recognize us as the right and reliable partner in the fields of web design, virtual 3D videos, and other state-of-the-art marketing tools.


Enabling the transition to a future digitally based global world.


Delivering the tools, platforms, and know-how for enterprises, individuals, and service providers, on a global scale, by putting identities for people and newest marketing demands in the centre.